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You got the kind of love that I want, let me get that..

7 Jul

You ain’t gotta worry it’s an open invitation
I’ll be sittin’ right here real patient
All day all night I’ll be waitin’ standby
Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you
All day all night maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.. ♪



Hair: >TRUTH< Kerri 2 – Gingers

Necklace[chuculet] ina pearl necklace – white

Outfit: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mysterious night – Ligerie Mesh – Cream ~NEW!!!~

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Leather Strap Bracelets Brown – VIP Group Gift

ShoesKristicA – Spirit Shoes – Brown

When you let your heart be the compass, you won’t get lost, not if you trust it..

15 Jun

I’ve held hope in my two hands
That there would be another chance
To find the kingdom, I’m believing in my heart
Cause underneath the good
There’s something greater than you know.. ♪



Hair: >TRUTH< Havana – espresso

Outfit: [Pumpkin]The Suit(red) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Boots: KristicA – Shella Boots (black)

You could be my secret girl.

24 Mar

I’ve been watching you, watching ya girl
You’re so pretty when you smile at the world
You leave me weak in the knees, never fell this far,
for somebody I’ve never met before.
With you I can tell.. ♪



Hair: >TRUTH< London – night

Shirt: – CHANDELLE –  Mesh shirt Alex (white) – Group Gift

Short: – CHANDELLE – Mesh shorts Alex (blue) – Group Gift

Ring: [*RD*]*Happy Poptart! Chocolate Icing-Ring* @PerfectWardrobe

Nails: :FY: Princess  Nails @PerfectWardrobe

Shoes:  KristicA – Ballet Shoes (silver)

Can I just stay here?

8 Jan

Never had much faith in love or miracles
Never wanna put my heart on deny
But swimming in your world is something spiritual
I’m born again every time you spend the night.. ♪



Hair: [Atro Patena]   Neo – Ash

Jacket: [Pumpkin] Postman jacket (brown) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Pants:[Pumpkin] Sweat pants(brown leather) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

ShoesKristicA – Moccasins Male black

I can’t hide my feelings..

20 Nov

That my heart is in two different places.
I got you in my life, and I wanna do right but it’s hard to let her go.
When my love has two different faces,
and I can’t break ties cause they both look right.
Someone tell me what’s a man to do, when he’s loving two.
And he don’t wanna lie, but he can’t tell the truth.. ♪


Hair[Atro Patena] Brian – Black

Skin: the body co. Hunter

Piercing: .Pekka. Gray Quake Piercing – unisex

Tatto: BUID Tattoo 81 Circles ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Shirt: [Pumpkin]Plaid shirt – red ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Pants: [Pumpkin]Classic jeans(lghtbl)

ShoesKristicA – Moccasins Male black

Little things..

17 Nov

Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots, with the freckles on your cheeks
And it al makes sense to me.. ♪


Hair: [BURLEY]_Ana_DBrown01

Glasses: Izzie’s – 70’s Sunglasses – gold

Necklace:  Izzie’s  – Owl Necklace (mesh)

Shirt: .:villena:. – patchwork shirt Gold ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Nails: Izzie’s – Long French Nails ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Bangles:  Izzie’s  – Angular Bangles – white

Bag: [Amarelo Manga] – Crocodile Handbag – NUDE [MESH]

Pants: {K}Rea Candy Pants Cocco -Unavailable-

Shoes: KristicA – Ballet Shoes (gold)

You’re the light that makes my darkness disappear..

7 Sep

If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I’ve been looking for that someone,
I’ll never make it on my own.
Dreams can’t take the place of loving you,
There’s gotta be a million reasons why its true.. ♪


Hair: [Atro Patena] – Ethan_Coffee

SkinFRUK Knox  – The Revolver –

Jacket: [Pumpkin] Tweed coat(black/black) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~ 

Pants: [Pumpkin]Low jeans (dark stone) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~ 

Socks:  Izzie’s   – Overknee Socks grey

ShoesKristicA – Moccasins Male black