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Felt like a pearl when I was holding your hand..

16 Jan

When I first laid eyes on you
Well, the night just felt so odd
You looked at me and the stars lined up
So I thought I’d heard from God
And I gave him my best shot.. ♪


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Hair:  >TRUTH< Tyler w/Roots – toast

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Fuyu Eyeshadow yellowpink

Skin: Izzie’s – Fuyu Skin pale  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Dress: [y] Vellent Retro Dress – Vanila Choco @PerfectWardrobe

One look at you and I was through..

16 Jan

Just when I thought things were alright
My eyes played tricks on my mind
Will I ever be satisfied
Because all I ever seem to find
Is a, a postcard from Paris
When I need the real thing.. ♪


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Hair[Atro Patena]  Derek – Black  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Scarf: ::7Style:: emam scarf

Jacket[Sympatika] Drake Peacoat ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Pants: *Drot* Skinny Jeans

The colors of the world..

13 Jan

As the moon shines it’s light on you
Your pretty eyes they glow
Tell me that you’ll stay the night
Just stay a while.. ♪



Hair>TRUTH< Aurora – night

SkinIzzie’s– Geanna Skin Bubblegum @PerfectWardrobe

Lipstick: .:: Delusions ::. Candy Stain – Grape @PerfectWardrobe

Candy: – DAMNED – Free Gift Lollipop SLX @Marketplace

Tatto:   .:: Delusions ::. Oh Mai Stars Neck Tattoo PINK

Top: Corvus : Candy Cropped Hoodie  @PerfectWardrobe

Tatto:  .:: Delusions ::. Support The Cause – Team Gala

Pants: [Pumpkin]Classic jeans(pnk)

Shoes: (Gang/Cold) Badboy`s Sneakers UNISEX  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~


-Beings January 14th- yaaay! 😀


So just forget about the world, be young tonight..

13 Jan

Show you off, tonight I wanna show you off
What you got, a billion could’ve never bought
We gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight
I wanna show you all the finer things in life
So just forget about the world, be young tonight
I’m coming for ya, I’m coming for ya.. ♪




Hair:  >TRUTH< Havana – seasand

Glasses: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Dark – sunglasses

Top:  .:villena:. – Pointed Collar Top Black ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

GlovesIzzie’s – – Leather Gloves black

Nails :Izzie’s –– Metallic Gradient Nails

Belt: ~Pepper~  Bullet Belt

Pants: .:Evilkyoot:. Nuclear Winter Camo Jeans

Boots: (Gang/Cold) Wednesday Tribute Shoes  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

3 4Hernaan: 

Hair[Atro Patena] tyler – Ash   ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Tatto:  .:: Delusions ::. Devils Sanctum

Pants: .:Evilkyoot:. Nuclear Winter Camo Jeans

Shoes: (Gang/Cold) Badboy`s Sneakers UNISEX  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Poses: BEZ! Store @Marketplace

Gacha Event  >>>> Nuclear Winter

Gacha Event  >>>> Nuclear Winter

TP TO GF – Nuclear Winter

I want to dive into you..

12 Jan

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don’t believe in you anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to try.. ♪


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Hair[Atro Patena] Nicolas – Ash  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Piercing.Pekka. Macro Piercing Unisex

Jacket[Pumpkin]Leather jacket (grey) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Pants:  [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(black)  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Shoes: (Gang/Cold) Badboy`s Sneakers UNISEX  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Funny how the heart can be deceiving…

10 Jan

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try try try.. ♪



Bow: Magika // Kawaii Bow (Old subscribe gift)

Hair:  >TRUTH< Rebel – oasis

Jacket: – CHANDELLE – Jacket Ty. flower red [MESH]

Bra[Cynful] Deliciosa – White (wear me)

Tatto:  .:: Delusions ::. Your LIfe Tattoo

Nails: Izzie’s – Gradient Nails

Pants: [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(white)  ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Shoes: [trs] Peep-Toe Pumps *MESH* – Gold Sequined

Can I just stay here?

8 Jan

Never had much faith in love or miracles
Never wanna put my heart on deny
But swimming in your world is something spiritual
I’m born again every time you spend the night.. ♪



Hair: [Atro Patena]   Neo – Ash

Jacket: [Pumpkin] Postman jacket (brown) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

Pants:[Pumpkin] Sweat pants(brown leather) ~NEW RELEASE!!!~

ShoesKristicA – Moccasins Male black